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About ACAS

The American Chinese Art Society

The American Chinese Art Society (ACAS) was founded in 1984 with express goals of preserving and promoting the excellence in Chinese Arts as part of America's  rich cultural resources. To that end, ACAS has provided vigorous training in performing arts for talented young artists and sponsored concerts, festivals, exhibitions and workshops. Over the years, the ACAS has laid a foundation for the next generation of young talents to learn, practice and propagate their unique artistic heritage.  In addition, these talented young artists have proudly shared this culture gem with a large variety of audiences through their frequent performances both domestically and abroad.

The ACAS is a non-profit cultural organization governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and tirelessly guided by Ms Jade Lin, Founder and Executive Director, a very gifted and accomplished dancer, choreographer, and pianist.  In addition to preserving and promoting the Chinese culture as its main mission, ACAS is also committed to strengthening the cultural exchanges between the Chinese and American communities.

Major Program Activities Sponsored by ACAS

  • Providing more than 30 free dance lessons taught by the Founder, Executive Director & Choreographer, Ms Jade Lin; and Artistic Director & Choreographer, Ms. Grace Chan;  Assistant Instructors Jessica Chu and Melissa Lewis, on authentic Chinese dances for the Traditional Chinese Dance Troupe in a season from September through June.
  • Accepting frequent invitations to perform the traditional Chinese dances for diverse audiences at numerous community groups, schools, and other organizations and institutions. 
  • Sponsoring an Annual Festival with two (2) performances featuring newly choreographed short dances and a multi-act, professional-quality production of a Chinese dance drama at the Tsai Performance Center, Boston University. The Festival celebrates the end of a season for the Traditional Chinese Dance Troupe.
  • Sponsoring a one-week Chinese Dance Summer Workshop held at the ACAS Activity Center since 1999.  The Workshop features an invited Guest Teacher from Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, or Canada to teach various elements of traditional Chinese dances, and lessons on Ballet and Jazz Techniques, Stage Make-up, Chinese Dance Basics, Hip Hop Training, etc. This intense week-long schedule culminates in a well-attended open performance by all Workshop members on what they have learned during the week.
  • Sponsoring every other year Chinese Dance Competition to provide a unique opportunity for young dancers in different age groups to showcase their talents and dancing skills.     


Office: 111 Truman Road, Newton, MA 02459-2640 Phone: 617.332.5376
ACAS Activity Center:  29 Montvale Ave. Woburn, MA 01801 Phone: 781.938.9900  
email: jadelin@verizon.net