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About Summer Camp





American Chinese Art Society


ACAS Activity Center, 29 Montvale Ave., Woburn, MA


August 13, 2017 – August 19, 2017


(No refund after 4/30/2017)

$ 450.00 (Lunch, Snack & a T-Shirt Included)

$ 400.00 (Registered by March 31, 2017)


10:00 AM – 5:30 PM (drop-off starting at 9:00 AM)


A registered nurse will be on site

A waiver liability must be signed by parents for each student

For more information, please call (617)332-5376


Application Form

Waiver Liability Release Form



The American Chinese Art Society (ACAS) was founded in 1984 to preserve excellence in Chinese Arts as part of America’s rich cultural resources. To that end, ACAS has provided training for young artists and has sponsored concerts, festivals, and exhibitions. Over the last decade, ACAS has laid the foundation for our next generation to learn and practice their artistic heritage. In addition, these talented young artists have shared this culture through frequent performances all over the New England area.

ACAS is organized as a non-profit organization with a volunteer Board whose members all have strong skills in community services, finance and planning. Our mission is to promote Chinese culture and to strengthen the cultural exchange between the Chinese and American communities. ACAS has been able to nurture and preserve authentic and original Chinese traditional arts through the tireless efforts of our gifted volunteer artist producer and choreographer.

Beside the Chinese Dance Summer Workshop, ACAS has three major activities. First, it provides over 30 classes for the Traditional Chinese Dance Troupe from September through June to study authentic Chinese dances. Children of ages 7 and above are selected to these programs through an audition. Second, ACAS will perform these arts for diverse audiences each year through numerous (more than 20) short performances to community groups and schools. In addition, there is always a large-scale professional quality production performance at Boston University Tsai Performance Center each year.




At the end of the workshop, all students will have an opportunity to join the Final Performance Program at the Closing Ceremony on August 19, 2017 at the ACAS Activity Center in front of their families and friends.



                  • Chinese Dance
                  • Chinese Basic
                  • Ballet Techniques
                  • Jazz Techniques
                  • Hip-Hop Techniques
                  • Stage Make-Up

On the first day of the Workshop, all students will be placed into classes based on age. The curriculum for each level is designed to be challenging as well as best fitting for that stage of the student's development. All students will receive a minimum of 4 hours dance lesson each day. In addition, there will be other course & activities aimed at improving their overall performing arts capabilities.



Director of the Summer Chinese Dance Workshop 

JADE LIN  is the Co-Founder, Executive Director and Artistic Producer - Choreographer of the American Chinese Art Society. She is a renowned instructor of traditional Chinese dance in the New England area. In 2009, Jade Lin became the first recipient in the Boston area of a prestigious “Hai-Hwa High Honor Award” in recognition of her outstanding contributions to advancing the artistic heritage and promotion Chinese culture in Chinese communities. Her accomplishments in Chinese Dance were recognized by Chinese Culture Connection that chose her as their recipient of the 2007 Outstanding Achievement Award. Ms. Lin received the 2002 Community Service Award of The Asian American Unity Dinner Inc. to recognize her exemplary “devotion, dedication and skills in introducing Chinese art and culture to those residing in the Greater Boston area, particularly to children”. She was selected by the Newton Women’s Commission for recognition in a photo exhibit highlighting women as a major contributor in the field of Cultural Arts in year 2000, and also received a “Pride of Newton Award” to recognize her excellence in the arts in 1995. In addition, she received an Official Citation for Outstanding Contributions from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts State Senate and a Citation for Contribution to the Cultural Exchange from the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1989. She was invited to serve as one of the choreographers for the 25th anniversary season Mandala Folk Dance Ensemble in 1990, and “The Great Tea House”, a new musical drama produced by Millennium Music Center in 2001. From 1985 to 2008, Ms. Lin has been the choreographer and artistic director of the Traditional Chinese Dance Troupe of the American Chinese Art Society. Over the years, she has taught traditional Chinese dance in many organizations including Lexington Chinese Language School, Newton Cantonese Chinese School, Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association, Radcliffe Asian American Dance Troupe at Harvard University, and the ACAS Dance Studio.



CHUN JOU TSAI   graduated from the National Taiwan Arts Academy, Republic of China, majoring in Chinese Classical Dance, She has received her Master degree from NY Case Western Reserve University.  Ms. Tsai is a very active and has been recognized in the Greater Boston area for her Chinese Dance teaching.
Ms. Tsai will be in charge of "Chinese Dance" classes in the ACAS Chinese Dance Summer Workshop 2017.              

DEIDRE WILLIAMS    Bachelor of Art degree from Boston University.  Presently on staff as a jazz teacher at the Lexington School of Ballet.  Also works as a choreographer for figure skaters at the Skating Club of Boston.  Previously received dance training at the Jeanette Neille Dance Studio in Boston Rater was a scholarship student at Steps on Broadway in NYC where she also did various jobs dancing professionally including theme park and television work.  Ms. Williams will be in charge of "Jazz Training" classes in the ACAS Chinese Dance Summer Workshop 2017.

NINA ROSE CABRAL  is a professional ballet dancer in Andover Platinum Dance, Fortitude for Dance at Manchester, NH, and Dance Academy of Windham at Salem, NH. Now she is studied at Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill, MA and pursuing in Dance.
Ms. Cabral will be in charge of "Ballet Training" classes in the ACAS Chinese Dance Summer Workshop 2017.

CHRISTIN (COLLINS) CAPLAN      began her training at the Lexington School of Ballet and continued her studies by attending Boston University, where she graduated magna cum laude with a B.S. in Elementary Education and a minor in Dance. While at BU, Christin performed and choreographed contemporary works for the BU Dance Theater Group and was a dance instructor for their family recreation programs. Christin is currently a company member of the Boston based dance companies Tribe the Dance Company and Rainbow Tribe's Embrace Dance Company, and is a guest performer of Luminarium Dance Company and the Adagio Dancers.  Christin is on the dance faculty at Boston University, the Lexington School of Ballet, Dancers Workshop in Sudbury, the American Chinese Art Society, Boston Public Schools, Brookline Public Schools, and MIT’s Physical Education Program.  Ms. Caplan will be in charge of "Hip-Hop Training" classes in the ACAS Chinese Dance Summer 2017.

GRACE CHAN    began studying dance and performing as a dancer while attending SKH Bishop Mok Sau Tseng Secondary School in Hong Kong where she had been exposed to a broad spectrum of dances from both the Asian and Western cultural traditions. After three years with the Mok Sau Tseng's Dance Group and garnering numerous high honors, Ms. Chan participated in a performance at the farewell ceremony for the British Governor of Hong Kong.   After immigrating to the U.S., she continued to study and perform Chinese classical and folk dances in addition to taking other classes in ballet, hip-hop, Irish step dance and modern jazz.  She also took part in a six-city cultural exchange dance tour through Mainland China and had a solo performance at Hong Kong's Dance Expo 1998. Ms Chan has also performed on “Asian Focus”, a Boston TV weekend program and for the Discovery Channel's TV advertisement of its "The Forbidden City" program. Ms. Chan won the Best Chinese Minority Dance Award at the 9th North American Chinese Dance Competition held bi-annually in Vancouver, 2004, as well as the Highest Overall Score Award, Best Minority Dance Award, and the Most Authentic Chinese Dance Award at the 10th North American Chinese Dance Competition in 2006. She has been a dance instructor with the Kwong Kow Chinese School. She also taught Chinese folk dance classes at the Lexington Chinese School; Tsai Fung Dance Troupe of the Greater Boston Chinese Cultural Association, the Dong Fang Dance Performance Arts. Ms. Chan co-founded Dance Revelasian in 2003 and has been serving as its Artistic Director. She has taken lessons at and received certification as a Chinese Dance Instructor from the Beijing Dance Academy. Since September 2009, Ms. Chan has become the Choreographer and Artistic Director of the Traditional Chinese Dance Troupe of the American Chinese Art Society.   Ms. Chan will be in charge of "Chinese Basic" in the ACAS Chinese Dance Summer Workshop 2017.

     began dancing at the age of five.  Due to her love for dance and Chinese culture, she joined the ACAS Traditional Chinese Dance Troupe at it inception in 1985, and was Vice Leader from 1989 to 1991. Ms. Lee worked as a Teacher's Assistant for the Lexington Chinese Language School dance class from 1989-1991 for Ms. Jade Lin.  Ms. Lee is a currently a high school history teacher in Weston, and enjoys working with young people.  Since January of 2005-2007,  she has become an Assistant Choreographer and Instructor for the Traditional Chinese Dance Troupe of the American Chinese Art Society.  Ms. Lee will be in charge of "Stage Makeup" classes in the ACAS Chinese Dance Summer Workshop 2015.


The Chinese Dance Summer Workshop is recruiting three qualified CITs to help supervise group rehearsal in the Workshop.  Tuition is waived, free lunch is provided and each CIT will be paid $150.00 and 50 hours of community service.  An application and personal interview are required (Applicant will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis).  Please complete the Application Form by May 1, 2017 and mail to: American Chinese Art Society
    111 Truman Road
    Newton, MA 02459
The Workshop Director will contact you for an interview after receiving your application.