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Dance Studio


To help improve the technical skill set of members of the ACAS Traditional Chinese Dance Troupe, the ACAS Dance Studio was established as a kind of "prep school" to foster the development of a new reserve crop of potential future members of the parent dance troupe. The Dance Studio offers two (2) classes focusing on teaching ballet and Chinese dance basics with each class led by a professional dance instructor. The classes meet at the ACAS Activity Center in Woburn, MA on Saturday afternoons. Each class includes thirty (30) lessons each for eighty (80) minutes in two semesters. The ACAS will host a year-end open performance at the ACAS Activity Center, Woburn, to enable all students of the Dance Studio classes to show off what they will have learned during the year.


If interested, please download a registration form or email the ACAS Office <> for more information.



  • Long hair pulled securely up into a bun, and short hair must be pulled back off the face

  • Black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet slippers.

  • No baggy T-shirts or clothing allowed in class.

  • Please mark with your full name on every piece of dance attire and any other personal belongings which you may bring to the studio.

  • All students will use Dressing Room (D2) for changing in and out of your dance attire and leave your stuffs in the locker.

  • Students are expected to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class times.

  • The ACAS and instructor are not liable for personal injuries or loss of or damage to personal property.



Saturday 12:40PM - 2:00PM


Class A: Winnie Li, 

Class B: Nina Cabral





September     -    8    15    22    29

October          -  13    20    27

November     3   10    17    -  

December     1     8    15    22     -


January          5     -     19    26

February        2      9     -     23

March            2      9    16    23    30

April               -      -     20    27

May                4    11   18 

  • All rehearsals will take place at the ACAS Activity Center, 29 Montvale Ave., Woburn

  • Final Performance will be held at ACAS Activity Center on Saturday, May 18, 2019 at 2:00PM

  • Class A Rehearsal at Rm 26

  • Class B Rehearsal at Main Hall



ACAS Dance Studio Registration Form

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