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With more than thirty (30+) years of distinguished history in promoting Chinese culture and fostering future dancers, the ACAS Traditional Chinese Dance Troupe is the longest running Chinese dance troupe in the New England area. Through an annual open audition, the dance troupe accepts children aged seven (7) and above who are interested in dancing. Tuition is free for troupe members who only pay a required annual membership fee.


All members in small groups must attend a mandatory practice/rehearsal session each for three (3) hours conducted by a team of experienced professional dance teachers on Saturdays. On behalf of ACAS and in an effort to promote Chinese culture, the highly acclaimed and awards winning dance group has been invited to perform traditional Chinese dances in many greater Boston area communities, other states in the US and many foreign cities over the years. They include: Hawaii, Disney World in Florida,  Disneyland in California, Philadelphia, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, on board the Carnival Victory Cruise Ship, Shanghai, Beijing, Shenyang, and Dalian. In addition, the dance troupe also took a performing tour to Taiwan and gave three very successful performances at the National Palace Museum, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, and Hsin-Chuang Culture Center, each to the delight of the enthusiastic audience.


Notably, the ACAS Traditional Chinese Dance Troupe also had the high honor to accept an unusual invitation to participate in the 27th New Year’s Parade and Festival in London where the troupe gave three performances at various locations during the visit. In particular, the dance troupe was the only group that was invited to perform at an award-presentation ceremony and a reception jointly hosted by the Mayor of Westminster and Deputy Mayor of Greater London in honor of parade team leaders from invited participating countries and leaders of parade organizers in the evening of New Year's Day, 2013.


Through weekly disciplined sessions of practices/rehearsals coupled with enormous efforts and hard work, troupe members have been highly praised for their excellent technical skills and graceful demeanor on stage. Not surprisingly, they have won many awards at various dance competitions over the years. The dance troupe is proud to have a reputation as the "best amateur dance group approaching a professional performing caliber" in the greater Boston area.


Since 1986, the ACAS Traditional Chinese Dance Troupe has been sponsoring an annual Chinese Dance Festival with two performances at the Tsai Performance Center, Boston University, in late June. Remarkably, our dance troupe has been the ONLY Chinese dance group in the greater Boston area that has performed multi-act and multi-scene Chinese dance dramas created and choreographed by Jade Lin, Executive Artistic Director. These include such popular and well-received productions as: "The Bridge of Magpies", "Mu-Lan", "The Song of Eternal Lament", "The Dream of the Red Chamber", "The Goddess Strews Flowers", "A Suite of Taiwan Aborigines", "Festive Island---Taiwan", etc., with each manifesting distinct dance styles and forms.


Since its founding, the ACAS Dance Troupe has been mindful of its important missions: To teach our troupe members to learn, practice, and appreciate Chinese culture through performing traditional Chinese dances, to preserve the artistic heritage and meritorious virtues of Chinese culture, and to foster the artistic gracefulness and a deep sense of camaraderie and teamwork of our young dancers. It is important to note that all our troupe members are remarkably talented and hardworking students at their respective schools. Fittingly enough, many dance troupe alumnae went on to attend such Ivy League schools as Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Cornell, etc. and other top rated universities in the country. We are indeed very proud of their remarkable accomplishments.       




September   -   14    21    28    

October       5    -   19    26

November   2    9   16   23    -  

December   7    14    21    -


January      -    11     -     25

February    1      8      -       22   29

March        7     14     21     28

April          4     11     -     25

May           2      9    16     -     30

June          6      13    20    27

  • All rehearsals will take place at the Academy of Creative Arts, 12 A Street, Burlington, MA 01803

  • Parents Meeting on September 21, 2019 (the 2nd rehearsal) & May 2, 2020 at 9:30AM in Downstairs

  • Dress Rehearsal on June 13 & 20, 2020 at Academy of Creative Arts at 8:00AM ~ 12:00 Noon

  • Stage Rehearsal on Friday, June 26, 2020, 6:00PM ~ 10:00PM at Tsai Performance Center

  • The 34th Chinese Dance Festival will be held at The Tsai Performance Center on June 27, 2020 at 1:30PM & 7:00PM




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