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For more than fifty (50) years, Ms.Lin has passionately volunteered much of her time and efforts in choreographing and teaching Chinese dances. Among her well-known choreographic achievements are productions of popular Chinese dance dramas including: The Dream of the Red Chamber, The Bridge of Magpies, The Song of Eternal Lament, A Suite of Taiwan Aborigines, Mulan, The Goddess Strews Flowers , etc. Representative Chinese dance pieces include: Feather Fans, The Little Cowboy, Uncover Your Veil and other popular dances. All these productions truly attest to Ms. Lin's extraordinary artistic talents in choreography of traditional Chinese dances.


With more than thirty (30+) years of distinguished history in promoting Chinese culture and fostering future dancers, the ACAS Traditional Chinese Dance Troupe is the longest running Chinese dance troupe in the New England area. All members in small groups must attend a mandatory practice/rehearsal session each for three (3) hours conducted by a team of experienced professional dance teachers on Saturdays. Through weekly disciplined sessions of practices/rehearsals coupled with enormous efforts and hard work, troupe members have been highly praised for their excellent technical skills and graceful demeanor on stage. Since 1986, the ACAS Traditional Chinese Dance Troupe has been sponsoring an annual Chinese Dance Festival with two performances at the Tsai Performance Center, Boston University, in late June.